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The Future Of Transport Systems

About Us

Continental Software Services are committed to providing a partnership with the client that should endure beyond the initial installation and setup of the software.

Continental Software Service Ethos

Continental Software Services was founded in 1990 to provide software solutions to the transport industry and brings over 40 years of transport experience to this ever-changing market

One of Continental Software Services key strengths is our ability to understand the needs of the client and provide solutions, and where necessary undertake discussions with third parties to ensure the best solution is provided to the client

With our experience in the Transport Market, we appreciate the time pressures placed on transport companies in today's marketplace, therefore giving the ability to integrate to customers existing systems will save a great deal of time in not re-keying information. Allowing your customer to access their orders and save vital admin time

Where Are we Located

Continental Software Services only have one office.
The location of this office is below