Continental Software Services are dedicated to providing systems of the highest quality that utilize state of the are technology and, wherever possible, we will incorporate new technology to the benefit of the client.

We aim to provide systems that we enable our clients to become more successful through access to accurate information.

We are committed to working with the client to ensure that all installed I.T solutions meet the clients requirements.

Where a client's needs cannot be met by our solutions, we will not undertake the project














With our experience in the Transport Market, we appreciate the time pressures placed on transport companies in todays marketplace, therefore giving the ability to intergrate to customers existing systems will save a great deal of time in not re-keying information. Allowing your customer to access the information via Track & Trace or Web invoicing will save on administration time.

Continental Software Services are committed to providing a partnership with the client that should endure beyond the initial installation and set up of the software