Continental Software Services was founded in 1990 to provide Software Solutions to the Transport Industry and brings nearly 40 years of Transport related experience to this Process.

We provide a range of systems that are all built on a single information structure that allows us to grow clients from small operations to large multi-site operations using the information stored by the client without restructure or conversion


Why Choose Us

Over two decades of successful software design and implementation

A single soultion path that allows you to expand your business without worrying about out growing your current system.

A Commitment to your company to work with you to maxmise the effectiveness of software within your organisation both during installation and for the lifetime of the system.


What Can We Do For You

Improved efficiency through better control and management information

Improved utilzation of existing fleet and staff

Improved communication between staff and customers

Greater control from Order to Invoice

Greater financial control over operational profitablity